Friday, February 16, 2007

Vampires at work and play

Tuuli: I'm going to crochet some clothes for us. Do you think there is enough thread in this cone to crochet an outfit for both of us?

Pyry: I think there is enough thread to start a business of selling crocheted outfits - in case you can crochet.

Tuuli: Of course I can crochet.

Pyry: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

After a while Pyry comes back to check Tuuli's progress.

Pyry: What is this?

Tuuli: I think it could be a scarf.

Pyry: It looks a bit narrow. Don't you think a scarf should be a bit broader?

Tuuli: Do you think so? I'll try again.

Pyry: I wonder if this chain could be used as a lasso to catch some dinosaurs or dragons....

After some time Pyry returns to check Tuuli's progress again.

Pyry: Hey, this scarf looks like the right breadth, but isn't is a bit too long?

Tuuli: Do you think so?

Niks: We heard that you might have a scarf here.

Naks: We have heard that there might be a job opening for football hooligans.

Niks: And we also heard that one needs a scarf for that job.

Naks: The one you have looks just suitable for the purpose. May we have it?

Tuuli: You are welcome.

Niks: Do you think this scarf is the right color for any football team?

Naks: I have no idea. Lets go find out.

Tuuli: I guess I must restart again...

Pyry: Make something else, no more scarfs.

Tuuli: OK. No more scarfs.

After some time Pyry returns to check Tuuli's progress.

Pyry: Wow! Did you make that dress?

Tuuli: Yes. Do you like it?

Pyry: Well, at least it is the right size...

Tuuli: Boys don't understand anything about pretty clothes. I think this looks nice. Don't you agree?


Anonymous said...

Yes Tuuli, we absolutely agree. That is a very pretty dress. You are very talented, especially for having only recently awoken from the dark river! Congratulations on your new clothes (and your new hair too). From Jasmine* and Alma Faith*

Priestess Of Nothing said...

Oh Tuuli! You are amazing at crochet! That is a very lovely dress. Boys can't help that they don't know things like that. They're boys.

I am very glad that you and Pyry seem to be doing so well. Looking forward to more of your adventures (and more of your lovely crochet projects!) All the best!

- Wendy