Saturday, June 02, 2007

Caliban in the forest

Because of the move, Caliban missed searching for spring. The last time he was out there was still snow on the ground, so today it was Caliban's turn to go out. It is summer already and everything is green.

Caliban climbed a mountain ash...

... and a fallen tree trunk.

The light under the trees is green.

Caliban found a cobweb...

... and a troll lair.

- I think Niks and Naks would love to live here.

- Either trolls and goblins or the ice age dragged these boulders here.

Sooner or later everybody over here visits a lake.

- The lake is so big and blue

Marsh marigolds.

- Umbriel told these are called "frog's flowers". Sir Isaac Newton the Newt would probably love these. He is almost a frog...

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