Saturday, June 23, 2007

Umbriel's Midsummer Day

It's Midsummer Day (Juhannus) today. But as Midsummer celebration usually means that everybody gets drunk, it is not safe for little dolls to participate in the festivities. But Umbriel visited the forest where there were only very few people (they were still recuperating from partying all night).

The little scientist is examining stonecrop.

Umbriel: These grow on almost bare rock. Only a little crack is needed for them to gain hold.

There were more interesting things to examine on the shore.

Umbriel: Dandelions also seem to grow everywhere.

Umbriel: I can see rocks on the bottom of the lake, but I can't see any fishes.

Umbriel: The lake seems to go very far. If I write a letter and put it in a bottle and throw it into the lake, will it reach my friends in America?

Outsider: No, the bottle would be caught by the hydroelectric power plant dam.

Umbriel: I guess I'll have to just send email then...

Umbriel: Look, there are even ferns growing in the cracks of the rock because here the rock drops steeply and this is a shadowy place.

Umbriel: It is safer to examine these than the prickly pear cactus. These don't have pricks or thorns.

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carrie said...

Umbriel, we love your outdoor explorations! It is great that you got to go see the lake and all the plants. We hope you get many more outdoor adventures this summer.

Jasmine* and Juniper* and Allegra (the alpaca)