Sunday, June 17, 2007

Trolls in the forest

As Niks and Naks have threatened with all kinds of mischief like chewing holes in all my socks or pulling tapes out of my audio casettes and other like activities if I don't take them out, I had to take them into the forest again. This time I managed to keep them out of the swamp, though.

Niks: There is a nice cave under this fallen tree stump.

Naks: Yes, we could use this as our summer cottage.

Niks: Look, light at the end of the tunnel!

Naks: I'm looking for ants.

Niks: Are you hungry again?

Naks: If we move here we must be sure we find enough delicious treats nearby.

Niks: I don't see any ants.

Naks: Me neither. Lets move on.

Niks: nice ferns in this area.

Naks: Do you see any ants?

Niks: There is an ant!

Naks: What a small one. The one in Albuquerque Bio Park was much bigger.

Niks: Everything's bigger in America.

Niks: Look! Now we found a real troll castle!

Naks: This is really splendid. Look at all the woodwork

Niks: The architecture of the main entrance is exquisite!

Naks: Look at the rocky walls covered with moss. The interior decorator really knew how to add the finishing touches!

Niks: And this place has good rock foundation

Naks: And such nice sprinkling of spruce needles and cone scales and dry twigs on the floor.

Niks: I wonder where we can find the real estate agent that rents or sells this place...

Naks: We'll have to see if we can find that out.

Back home we found that the strawberry is still growing in the sandbox.

Niks: Look! There are three small berries. Let's eat them.

Naks: They look raw to me...

Niks: I guess you are right... I wonder if raw strawberries taste good with mustard?

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