Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hairy Story II

Niks and Naks are busy practising when Pollux approaches them with a request.

Pollux: Listen, Niks and Naks, Tuuli and Pyry told that you have potion that grows hair. They say that Haitula confiscated your bottle, but maybe you could make some more...

Niks: So you're tired of being bald.

Naks: you have come just to the right persons.

Niks: As we were in charge of organizing the packing and unpacking...

Naks: We found our hair elixir bottle.

Niks: And now we know where it is.

Naks: But Haitula does not know. He thinks it was lost in the move.

Niks: I'll go get the bottle.

Naks: I'll check that Haitula is nowhere near.

Pollux: (thinking) I wonder if the stuff really works...

Soon Niks and Naks return...

Niks: Hold perfectly still now.

Naks: And close your eyes. It is strong stuff.

Niks: It is working!

Pollux: Aaaaauuuugh! It itches!

Naks: Keep your hands off your head, or hair will start growing on your palms.

Pollux: It worked! I have hair!

Niks: Hmmm. It's rather short and curly.

Naks: It does not really look like troll hair.

Niks: I think this potion has lost its power.

Pollux: I want to see! Do you have a mirror?

Naks: Here. How do you like it?

Pollux: I look like Elvis! All I need is a guitar and a white glittery suit...

Niks: I don't think Elvis had bat wings on his back...

Naks: And he was not chocolate colored either...

Well, isn't this little fellow too sweet for his own good?

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Anonymous said...

Why!! Pollux has hair like me! Definitely NOT troll hair!! lol.