Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fomalhaut and summer flowers

Today is the first of June, officially the first day of summer. Fomalhaut declared that it is his turn to go out.

First just a few pictures of our back yard:

The lilacs are in full bloom.

And so are the mountain ashes.

Here's our back yard: four big mountain ashes, two big maples and lilac bushes.

Even weeds on the side of the street are pretty.

Fomalhaut found an apple tree. The flowers are already withering, but there are still plenty left.

A little demon and apple blossoms.

This birch is totally dead though it is still standing. No leaves at all and fungus frowing on the stem. Fomalhaut thinks the fungus is good to sit on. It is hard and dry, not soft and slimy like toadstools.

Lingonberry flower.

Mountain ash flower.

A mountain ash full of flowers.

Wild forget-me-nots.

The First Frog is fascinated by frog flowers (marsh marigolds).

Fomalhaut is examining the frog flower. He seems to try to find some frogs in there.

Tar flower.

There are lots of them!

On the way home Fomalhaut found a pretty bush in the park.

I have no idea what bush this is, but it sure is pretty.

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