Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haitula explores the forest

Haitula tells:

Today I decided it is my turn to go out and explore the forest. Here are some pictures of what I saw:

- It has rained so much that weeds sprout in every crack in the black top.

- The little brook lined with ferns is so nice to watch and to listen to.

- Because of the rain everything is so lush ahd green. Lots of delicate ferns and mosses.

- A rolling stone gathers no moss, but these rocks have not rolled since the ice age, so they have gathered quite a lot moss.

- The lake is so big and blue...

- I think this pine is dead. But the moss behind is alive. The reddish brown color is sporn cases, the moss is about to spread new spores soon.

- Here a living tree has grown its roots over a dead tree stump.

-Close up you can see they are birch roots.

- Under the stump is a secret passage. I wonder if this will lead to an underground world... I wonder if I would meet Alice and the white rabbit there...

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