Saturday, June 21, 2008

Puck's Midsummer Day

It's Midsummer Day, and we have had thunder showers and even hailstones but in the afternoon the weather finally cleared up so that we could go out. Puck insisted that it is his turn as he has never been out. He enjoyed exploring everything even if the forest was still wet.


A sunny spot among the ferns that love shadows.

A old tree stump.

Soft moss is nice to sit on - but it is a bit wet!

Rock climbing is always fun...

... but don't fall into the crevice!

The rock has split into two. Puck can't quite touch the both sides of the chasm simultaneously.

The hard rain has gouged its marks into gravel roads.

Here's a nice sunny spot to rest a bit.

Wild strawberries - but they are still raw.

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