Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Grass - decorated

I cut the Easter grass a bit (it is growing too fast) and then let the Eggie, Algol and Rastaban decorate it. Eggie is in seventh heaven because there are so many yellow chicks and yellow eggs. She even put some yellow feathers into her hair pretending to be an Easter chick herself.

Eggie: We proudly present our decorated Easter grass.

Rastaban: Hmph..

Eggie: I invited Humpty Dumpty to serve as a decoration because he is an egg. The chicks seem to think he is their daddy.

Algol: I set up a nest for all the Easter Bunnies to lay their eggs in. Eggie even let her yellow bunny to sit in the nest with the rest of the bunnies.

Rastaban: I don't know anything about decorating anything, I just scattered the chicks all over the grass. I wondered if they are good to eat, but others say chocolate eggs taste better, so I guess I'll just wait a bit.

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