Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dragon scale magic

Deimos: It is cold here. Who has left the balcony door open even though the temperature outside is still below freezing?

Rastaban: I had to leave the door open so that Thuban could fly in.

Deimos: And who is Thuban?

Rastaban: This is Thuban, my dragon friend who has been missing. I have been searching for him since last Easter. And now he has found his way here. These dragon scales have powerful magic, you know.

Thuban: Rastaban promised that I can stay here.

Deimos: Yeah, anybody who manages to get in stays here. Nobody seems to ever leave. But you are not allowed to fly around here, it is too dangerous. Even Rastaban is not allowed to transform into a bat and fly around.

And so another weird creature came to stay. I hope Rastaban and Thuban don't have too much dragon scale magic in store...

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