Saturday, March 20, 2010


Rastaban: Hey,Thuban, spread out your wings and fly around a bit. I want to see.

Thuban: I can't...

Rastaban: Because Deimos said that you are not allowed? Never mind Deimos. He will not notice anything, he is busy making drawings for his perpetual motion machine.

Thuban: It's not because of Deimos. The wings are magic, and I dropped my magic wand and it broke, it won't work any more, and I can't fly.

Rastaban: It does not look broken to me. But anyway, I know where the glue is stored. I'll get some, and we'll fix your wand in no time.

Thuban: I found the glue already and tried to fix the wand. But a magic wand cannot be fixed with glue, it must be fixed with magic. And I'm too little to know that kind of magic. You must transform into a bat and fly around. I'll watch.

Rastaban: Ummm.... I can't transform into a bat.

Thuban: Because Deimos has said that you're not allowed to?

Rastaban: No, I'm not afraid of Deimos. I can't transform into a bat because I'm too little. I've still got only milk teeth. But wait here, I have a solution.

Soon Rastaban comes back.

Rastaban: Here, take this blankie. It will allow you to fly.

Thuban: Are these some kind of flying carpets? How does it work? What must one say to start it?

Rastaban: They are not flying blankets. You just wrap yourself into one and take a nap.

Thuban: What? You always want to take naps.

Rastaban: Vampires get sleepy in the daytime, you know. Just wrap yourself into the blanket. When you sleep, you can dream of flying.

Thuban: That just might work...

And so the little ones soar high above the ground in their dreams...


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