Friday, April 02, 2010

Setting up Easter decorations

Eggie: My yellow bunny can play with the Easter bunnies and chicks in the nest of eggs.

Algol: Humpty Dumpty can babysit some chicks and the rest of the eggs.

Thuban: Here is a very big and special egg. This chick is trying to hatch it.

But wait - where is Rastaban?

It appears that Rastaban, Niks and Naks have found where the chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs are. I should have guessed that, Niks and Naks can always smell where there is any food.

Well, now they all have fetched chocolate bunnies - except Eggie of course who wanted a yellow egg (who would have guessed that?)

Eggie, Algol, Rastaban & Thuban: Happy Easter!

I wonder if Humpty Dumpty would want a chocolate egg, too? Better not ask. He might consider it cannibalism!

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Puppyluv said...

Oh, Eggie, this is the holiday for you, isn't it? A holiday all about pretty eggs. Hope you had lots of fun.