Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What becomes of a dragon tooth?

Algol demanded that the Easter grass be kept even after the decorations were removed. I thought he just liked a green patch but he had managed to slip in something besides the grass seed. He had already thought nothing besides grass would grow in the tray, but today he sees something else...

Algol is quite surprised...

... something is coming out of the grass patch.

Algol: It worked! I grew an armed warrior!

Deimos: What is this???

Algol: This is my body guard. I slipped a dragon tooth into the Easter grass patch, and it grew into an armed warrior, just like the old myths tell!

Deimos: He is kinda small.

Ninja: Nnnnngggh.....

Deimos: And a bit clumsy, too.

Ninja: *!#¤/*?§@&&*!!

Thuban: The dragon tooth must have been a milk tooth. Those are not very efficient, you know.

The ninja is getting tangled in his weapons...

Ninja: **?&%¤#!!!*@?&!

Deimos: Let's untangle him before he hurts himself...

Ninja: *"=&¤!%*!!!

Deimos: OK, I'll keep these just to be sure no one gets hurt. Fomalhaut, take his mask so that we can see his face...

Even without mask and weapons the little ninja looks rather fierce.

Deimos: Do you have a name?

Ninja: I'm called Hikaru.

Deimos: What does it mean?

Ninja: Something to do with light. Maybe it could be translated as "The Shining One"

Deimos: "The Shining One"? OK, we'll call you "Spark"

Ninja: Nooooo...

Deimos: Would you rather be called "Sparkplug"?


Deimos: OK, "Spark" it is.

Ninja: Nooooooooo....

Algol: You were supposed to be my body guard, but Deimos took all your weapons...

Ninja: Not all of them. I still have the swords left!

Well, well, well, I sure wonder what this pair will do in the future...

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Puppyluv said...

Oh, Algol. *grins* I'm glad the others weren't too angry that you did grow a warrior. And I hope he will be a good friend for you, and maybe a good guard, too. What do you need guarding against?

As a side note, I love the clothes you guys have. Your beaded armor stood out today, and Algol's hat.