Thursday, May 06, 2010

The littlest archeologist

Algol is ready to go out on an archeological expedition.

Algol: I have a bag for any finds, a compass to find my way, and a lantern to see in dark caves or temples. But I still wish I had a gun and a whip. One never knows when one might need them.

Algol: Some of the branches fallen off the trees because of the heavy burden of snow are really huge...

Algol: ... really huge.

Algol: Looks like I found a cave entrance that looks promising.

Algol: Can you see it? I must go in and investigate.

Algol: I's a good thing that I brought the lantern along.

After some time...

Algol: Whew, I found some artifacts, but no booby traps. In any case it's harder to get out than it was to get in. The slope is rather steep.

Algol: Now I must use my compass to find the way home.

Algol: Home appears to be that way...

Algol: The others will be thrilled to see my finds!

Algol: This is a strange phenomenon. A tree has grown over a rock, and the weight of the tree has become so big that it has cracked the rock!

Algol: It appears to be an ants' nest. There are about a million little black ants crawling around. They appear quite sluggish because it is still rather cold. But I still wish I had a whip to keep them at bay. Fortunately they are not able to bite through my thick shoes.

At home Algol uses a magnifying glass to examine his finds.

Algol: Do you think these are troll artifacts?

Niks: The metal objects definitely look like troll artifacts.

Naks: But the blue pearly thingy looks more like fairy or elf manufacture.

Algol: Maybe it is a proof of early trade between trolls and elves. I must go back later and try to find more objects. There seem to be a lot of caves in that forest, so there may be enormous buried cultures lying under the surface.

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Anonymous said...

Look slike you had an excellent expedition, Algol. The artifacts you found were very nice, too. I hope you do make a great discovery! But then, to claim that you discovered it, you have to write all these papers about it and that's not too fun. Well, big people do, at least.