Saturday, May 22, 2010

Masher Attack

Deimos: What are you doing with the potato masher?

Thuban: I am practicing my magic. I have managed to make the masher fly.

Deimos: Really?

Thuban: See for yourself!

Deimos: Cool! Let's scare Algol and Rastaban!

Algol is showing his archeological finds to Rastaban.

Algol: These are artifacts from ancient troll culture...

Algol: What is that???

Rastaban: It appears to be an evil potato smasher...

Rastaban: Stay off!

Algol: Help! Spark! Where is my body guard when he is needed!

Hikaru: I'm right here. Have no fear... I'm protecting you from all evil spirits. Including potato smashers gone berserk.

Hikaru captures the evil masher with his ninja scythe.

Rastaban: I'll bite him to make sure he is dead...

Deimos: Don't bite the masher!

Deimos: If you turn the potato masher into a vampire, it will eat all the potatoes instead of mashing them. And then we'll never get mashed potatoes for lunch.

Thuban: I'll just remove my magic, and the masher will be harmless to everyone - except the potatoes, of course.

Outsider: What are you doing with my potato masher? You are not supposed to play with kitchen utensils. Give it back immediately! - Or you will never get mashed potatoes for lunch...

Deimos: Well, so much for the fun with the potato masher...

Deimos: Mashed potatoes taste better than mashed vampires anyway...

Rastaban: Mashed potatoes with fly kebabs... mmmmmmmm.....

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