Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ninja Training

Deimos: Hi, Spark, what are you doing?

Hikaru: I'm training my minions to be good ninjas.

Deimos: What can they do?

Hikaru: I'll show you... CHARGE!


Deimos: Ooops...

Turtles: ¤#*?!!§§$£**;!

Deimos: A bit clumsy, aren't they?

Hikaru: Ummm.... They'll have to learn how to fall without hurting themselves before they learn anything else...

Turtles: #¤&!*?$£**!!!

Deimos: Sure, right, and what about that one? He seems to be a bit slow...

Hikaru: That one has not mutated yet...

Deimos: It looks like you have a lot work before that bunch is fully trained.

Hikaru: Training nijas sure is hard work...

Hikaru: (sigh)

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