Thursday, December 28, 2006

Frost And Winter Sunshine

Haitula reporting:

The temperature is just below freezing. There is still no snow, just a light dusting of frost. Even though it is about noon, the sun is very low.

Look at my shadow! No, the sun is not setting yet, it's about half past noon.

Here's the swamp I visited last summer. It's frozen over now.

The ice is thick enough for me to walk on though it is way too thin for people.

The ice is actually quite thin. I can see fallen leaves through the ice.

Here's a fallen tree. I wonder if I can walk along it. The frost has made it quite slippery...

Ooops! Good thing I'm so small and light. The ice did not break - otherwise I'd fallen into the swamp already second time this year.

The sun is so low that the forest is in shadow.

I have been wondering what my other half is. One half is fairy.

I think the other half is Swamp Monster! I think I would make a good Swamp Monster!

On our way home we stopped to look at the mountain ashes.

The leaves are long gone, but there are still berries in the mountain ashes...

... plenty of berries!

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carrie said...

I love Haitula's hat! He looks darling in the winter woods and swamp. My only concern with him believing he is a swamp monster is that he is so small... he might get eaten by mistake. I hope he stays safe and on just-thick-enough ice.