Wednesday, December 06, 2006


One day last spring Mikko met a very small person.

Mikko: Who are you? And why are you so small?

Haitula: My name is Haitula and I am small because I am a fairy.

Mikko: But your ears are round. And you don't have wings. You don't look like a fairy.

Haitula. Actually I'm only half fairy. And half troll or pixie of elf or leprechaun or goblin or... whatever. I'm not sure.

Naks: You don't look like a troll. Your nose is too small, and your hair does not stand up.

Niks: And your mouth is not big enough. Maybe you are half Zumikloxian.

Zoid: Dkjdfkdjf fjjkgfdg otioerktlkrkg fkjgdjgkfjg dkfjdksfj.

Niks: Zoid says you don't look like a Zumikloxian either.

Mikko: It does not matter what you are. You can be my friend anyway.

Haitula: Can Fafner be your friend, too?

Mikko: Who is Fafner?

Haitula: This is Fafner. He is my pet dragon.

Mikko: Cool. Does he breathe fire?

Haitula: No, he is a cold dragon. He breathes ice crystals.

Mikko: Gee, then he is a cool dragon.

Niks: If our deep freeze breaks down, we can let him breathe on the food to keep it cold.

Naks: You think about nothing but food!

Zeon: Hjdhsafoim dklfjlkrfj dkfrfkjrfj?

Niks: OK, Zeon, we'll go find some honey puffs. They are not in the deep freeze anyway.

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