Saturday, December 02, 2006


Umbriel has found another dimension door.

Umbriel: It seems that the imagination key fits this time...

Umbriel: Mikko, come quick, we can go explore some imaginary world!... Well, Mikko seems to be nowhere in sight. I'll go alone then...

After some time Mikko appears on the scene

Mikko: Look Nalle, a dimension door! We must go and tell Umbriel. Maybe one of his keys fits... No, wait, sir Isaac Newton is here. I think Umbriel has already gone through the door.

Mikko: We better wait outside. I have no idea how we can come back if we can't find Umbriel on the other side. And besides it's usually dark out there.

After some time Umbriel comes back. And he seems to be trying to get something through the door...

Umbriel: Come on now, it's perfectly safe here. Remember, I promised to save you...

Umbriel quickly locks the door. He does not want anything else to come through.

Caliban: Me Caliban, you Jane?

Aniara: No, I'm not Jane, I'm Aniara Andromeda.

After the dimension door is locked, it disappers.

Aniara: I think he needs some clothes... I'll go and find something.

Caliban: Me Caliban, you Jane?

Mikko: No, I'm Mikko. Where did you live before Umbriel brought you here?

Caliban: Saharan alla.

Umbriel: Saha-ran-alla? He lived alone on a deserted island. He was raised by apes and other miscellaneous creatures. Like Tarzan or Mowgli. I met him before on one of my earlier trips. I promised to save him before Prospero comes and takes over his island and makes Caliban his slave. I could not take him with me then, but this place is safe, he can stay here.

Aniara has come back with Umbriel's old clothes, but the kids have some difficulties in getting Caliban dressed.

Aniara: No, those are pants, they don't go on your head! Mikko and Umbriel, help me with this.

Aniara: Hold him still while I try to get the shirt on!

Aniara: Fine, now try to get the shirt buttoned.

Unexpectedly Liisa arrives, and she does not seem to understand what the kids are doing. It looks very much like a fight.

Liisa: That is not fair! Three against one! Let him go immediately. And who is that anyway?

Caliban: Me Caliban, you Jane?

Liisa: No, I'm not Jane, I'm Liisa.

Caliban: Mom?

Liisa: No, I'm not your mom. Umbriel, who has given you permission to drag all stray kids here? Other kids bring home animals and claim they followed them home, but you collect kids from all over the galaxy. Don't say he just followed you home.

Umbriel: No, but I promised to save him. You would not want to live alone in the jungle with apes? Would you? Huh?

Liisa: I guess, not...

Aniara: Look, now you have made him cry! He must miss his ape friends. I think we have some stuffed animals he might like. I'll go and get one...

Aniara: OK, Caliban, does that ape look like one your jungle friends?

Caliban: Apina Kapina!

Umbriel: I think he likes it.

Aniara: You need a haircut. And I think your hair needs to be washed, too. It may even change color when washed. I don't even want to know what stuff the apes use for hair care products.

And so Caliban came here to stay. He does not seem to speak much, but the other kids will be busy teaching him to speak and read and otherwise behave in a civilized manner.

Other kids drag home stray animals. Umbriel drags home stray kids. And he claims that as he has saved them, he is responsible for them. It seems to be some Zumikloxian (or other?) rule: If you save someone's life, you are responsible for him (or her).

So now Umbriel is responsible for Aniara Andromeda, a princess from another galaxy.

And Umbriel is also responsible for Caliban, a boy raised by apes - or other creatures. Ubriel says he did not recognize even half of the creatures he saw on Saha-ran-alla.

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