Saturday, December 16, 2006

Letters to Santa

The kids have heard that if you write a letter to Santa Claus, he'll bring you presents.

Aniara: I wrote that I want a new dress. What did you write?

Umbriel: I asked for funky shoes.

Aniara: Do you think Santa knows what funky shoes look like?

Umbriel: I've drawn a picture. Look!

Caliban arrives on the scene with Apina Kapina.

Aniara: Caliban wants to write a letter to Santa, too.

Umbriel: He can't write. Caliban, tell what you want, and I'll write it down for you.

Caliban: Olio!

Umbriel: Ollie-O? What is that?

Aniara: I'll give him a pencil, maybe he can draw it.

Umbriel: Oh yes, he's drawing something. I wonder what an Ollie-O looks like.

Caliban: Olio!

Umbriel: OK, I'll sign this for you. I hope Santa can figure this out...

Here's the olio Caliban drew.

Aniara: How do we mail these letters? We don't have any stamps.

Haitula: Never fear, help is near. I'll send these via Brownie Post. It is fast, Santa will get them in good time. And I've written all your names down in my list of good children. I'm pretty sure Santa will bring you what you want.

Caliban: Olio?

Haitula: I'm pretty sure Santa will bring you an olio. The Brownies are very good at making anything. If your specifications are accurate enough, you'll get your olio.

Will the letters reach Santa in time?
Is Haitula a real Christmas Brownie or is he just pretending?
Will the children get what they wish for?
And what is an olio?
To be continued...

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