Saturday, February 03, 2007

Cross Ice Skiing

Even the big lakes are now frozen and we got more snow last week, so the weather is perfect for skiing on the ice.

- We've come an awful long way from the shore...

- But we can't go any further because there is a rift in the ice and there is water on the ice. We can't ski over it.

We must turn back...

- We did not go straight home. It is such a nice day that we went to see the Hedgehog Rock Lighthouse. One can only get here in the winter when the lake is frozen. This is a very popular place to visit. There were a couple of other people here, too, but they are currently behind the lighthouse.

- It's still such an awfully long way home through unbroken snow...

- We got heaps of wet snow yesterday, and children have been making snowmen and snowforts. Here's a snow couple. They are standing on the ice in the harbor.

- The snowman has a long nose and smiling mouth. He has some hair on his head, too.

- The snowwoman is also smiling, and she has long hair. As you can see from the houses in the background, we did make it to the shore.

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Cadee said...

Good words.