Sunday, July 13, 2008

Puck explores the forest again

Puck wanted to go to the forest again. He is an enthusiastic little explorer who wants to see everything.

- Here is a less trodden path, almost overgrown, we'll take this.

- Nice shady ferns...

These are much taller than me!

- Hmm... should we take this cross path... No, we'll continue upwards.

- We can still stop and examine the greater plantains

- Now this is a rocky road!

- Climbing was hard work, I must rest a bit...

- Insects like these fireweed - can you see the little flower fly on the right side. There was a bumble bee too, but we did not manage to capture it in the picture. The building you see in the background is the water reservoir.

- To prove I'm very brave I climbed a pine...

- I have to admit it was a very small pine...

This is a dry place because there is very little soil on the bedrock, but lichen and moss grow even in dry places.

- Here's a pine root growing on almost bare rock!

- We had a nice trip and saw lots of interesting things.

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