Saturday, May 16, 2009

Garden gnome trainees

The seven little Latis have graduated from Garden Gnome Trade School (they have all got garden gnome hats to prove it) and now they want a summer job as garden gnome trainees.

But first I had to get a nice graduation picture. You would not believe how hard it is to get seven little Latis into one picture. There was a lot of showing and pushing...

Algol: Rastaban! Don't push!

Fomalhaut: Eggie, keep that rake down...

Pilvi: Rastaban, put your head down, nobody can see my pretty face behind your cap!

Rastaban: Wait!!!!!!!!! I'm slipping down...

Rastaban: Is this better?

Pilvi: Keep your cap down!

Algol: Rastaban, leave my cap alone

Eggie: Do you think those two will ever settle down?

Outsider: OK, I give up. This is the final shot. Say Cheeeeeese!

Eggie: Cheese is yellow and everything that is yellow is mine!

Fomalhaut: Shut up and put that rake down!

Would you hire these seven to work in your garden???

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