Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hobbit and green

It has rained on and off recently, and that has helped to finally turn everything green again. Today was a sunny day (though a bit windy), so Sampo wanted to go out and see how green the forest now is.

Sampo: Blueberries now have leaves - and buds, too!

Mountain ash.



Sampo: the swamp is no longer frozen. Now Deimos has to start fearing the swamp monster again...

A thoughtful little hobbit.

Sampo: Here is a good hollow under a tree root. I must recommend it as a summer residence for Niks and Naks.

Sampo: It's too low for me, I can't stand straight there.

Sampo: The hollow is under the root of a big pine.

Sampo: Here are some more pine roots.

Sampo: They are really crooked!

More swamp pictures.

Don't fall into the water!

Sampo: Here are some early dandelions in a sunny spot. Eggie would like these!

Sampo: This tree is totally dead.

Sampo: Fungi are growing all over it!

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