Sunday, July 26, 2009

Frogs and toadstools

As others have recently been finding aliens from outer space on their lawns, Niks and Naks declared that it was probably the right time to go to the forest to try to find some toadstools to make more potions. I think they are running out of fly poison when there are so many frogs to feed...

And the frogs wanted to see the swamp. Oh, well, 6 little companions are manageable at one time - just barely.

The frogs loved a swim in the swamp.

And warming up in the sun on a soft moss path afterwards.

There was a very thin layer of water on dead leaves at one edge of the swamp - and it looks like the frogs are walking on the water! Actually they are quite heavy and sink deep into the water as you can see in the earlier pictures.

It seems to be a bit too early for the alien life forms, but Niks and Naks did find a few.

And as it is a toadstool, of course the frogs want to try sitting on it.

Here is another one, but someone has taken a bite off it!

Konna is trying to look innocent.

There was water on the path in one place. Of course the frogs wanted to swim again.

Some more small toadstools.

Niks: This is too small...

Naks: You can't sit on it...

Niks: Don't even dream of it...

Niks: Here are some small alien life forms...

Naks: Where is your mother ship?

Niks: They don't answer. I think they are of the strong and silent type.

Naks: They don't look very strong to me.

Niks: Better just leave them before they phone home and their mother ship comes to pick them up.

This looks like a troll or a monster but it is actually the roots of a fallen tree.

To prove that the scary looking thing is totally harmless, Niks and Naks used one hanging root as a swing.

Niks & Naks: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

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