Thursday, July 16, 2009


As it is a nice warm day, Eggie, Rastaban and Algol decided to take advantage of the Frog Garden and have a picnic (without frogs).

Rastaban is checking the grill and Eggie is decorating the frog pond with some flowers.

Rastaban: Algol, we need more coal, go get some.

Eggie: Algol, did you remember to bring the basket of food?

Algol goes away and returns after a while.

Algol: Here's the coal, this is all I could find.

Rastaban: OK, it will do.

Eggie: What about the basket of food? You were supposed to bring it, too!

Algol leaves again and returns a second time.

Algol: Here's the food. Whew, this is heavy.

Eggie: Are you sure everything is there?

It looks like Algol has brought everything. Eggie sets the table.

Rastaban tends the grill.

Rastaban: Good, fly kebabs for me and yellow corn cobs for Eggie. What did you bring for yourself? Carrots?????

Algol: If I eat a lot of carrots, I'll be as strong as Popeye the Sailor Man!

Rastaban: You'll be about as strong as Bugs Bunny. Popeye always eats spinach. But suit yourself.

So everybody has something to eat.

Yellow corn cobs for Eggie...

Fly kebabs for Rastaban...

And carrots for Algol.

Algol: I WILL be as strong as Popeye, just you wait...

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