Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What is low to the ground and hops?

Fomalhaut has found his frog friends practicing a new sport...

Fomalhaut: A trampoline seems to be a suitable equipment for frogs. They like to hop anyway.

Fomalhaut: But what is this? Frog did not have spots a while ago!

Fomalhaut: And Toad was not blue! There is something strange going on!

Fomalhaut: It looks like Frog and Toad have invited their relatives over!

The new ones are called "Sammakko" which means "Frog" and "Konna" which means "Toad" or "rogue" or "villain". I'm not sure if Konna's name refers to his species or his character...

I think I'm addicted to the Littlest Pet Shop frogs!

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