Sunday, February 11, 2007


Haitula found a magic recipe for a potion that was supposed to revive the little pixies Umbriel and Haitula raked out of the River of Tuonela - and it looks like Haitula's potion is working!

Umbriel: Look! It is working! They are waking up!

Haitula: I said it would work.

Aniara: The poor little things need clothes. I'll go and see if I find some dolly clothes that fit...

Aniara: Here are some clothes that look about the right size. Let's see if they fit...

Aniara: A little loose, but they will do...

Haitula: Can you pixies speak? Do you have names?

Girl: My name is Tuuli. It means "wind".

Boy: And my name is Pyry. It means "snowfall" and not just any snowfall, a heavy one with lots of snow.

Tuuli: And when you put wind and snowfall together...

Pyry: get a BLIZZARD!

Aniara: I bet you are hungry, would you like to eat something?

Pyry: I wonder if you have any blood oranges?

Haitula: It just happens we do. I'll get you some.

The little pixies eagerly grab the oranges and start to suck...

Haitula: Ummm... I think you are supposed to peel them first...

Tuuli: What?

Haitula: They sucked the oranges dry!

Tuuli: I suppose we must confess...

Pyry: ... we are vampires.

Tuuli: There was this vampire, you see.

Pyry: And he bit us.

Tuuli: But as we were vegetarian pixies, we turned into vegetarian vampires.

Pyry: We hate to bite people. But we love to suck blood oranges and strawberries dry.

Tuuli: But the gardeners did not like it....

Pyry: So we ended into the River of Tuonela... We thought that was a bit drastic, but people are afraid of vampires and wanted to get rid of all of them.

Tuuli: But you can't kill vampires by throwing them into a river. Even if it is the River of Tuonela.

Tuuli: We are very grateful to you for saving us, but now that you know we are vampires, I suppose we must leave.

Pyry: But we would not mind getting a few more of those blood oranges to take with us and eat on the way...

Aniara: Nonsense. There's no need to leave, you just said you are vegetarians.

Umbriel: Just promise you don't bite any people. Not even trolls and Zumikloxians.

Tuuli: We promise! We'll only bite vegetables.

Pyry: If you have some broccoli you hate, we are glad to bite it dead and suck it dry for you!

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Elisa said...

SO cute! I love the effect of the blood oranges been sucked dry and all prune-y. Great job on th e faceups, they kept their sweetness.