Thursday, February 08, 2007

Trip to Netherworld

Umbriel has found another dimension door...

Haitula: Cool, now we can go exploring again!

Umbriel: This door opens with the key to Netherworld. I'm not sure if it is a good idea to go there...

Haitula: Nonsense! We can rush back if it looks dangerous. I want to see what it is like.

Umbriel: It is awfully dark here... And there seems to be some kind of river.

Haitula: It must be the River of Tuonela... Look there's something floating on the water!

Haitula: They look like little pixies!

Umbriel: I think they look dead...

Haitula: They can't be dead because they are floating. We must resque them!

Umbriel: They are too far from the shore, I can't reach them.

Haitula: Can I come back here if I go and fetch something?

Umbriel: Yes, if I hold the door open. But be quick.

Haitula: Yes, I will.

And soon Haitula returns with a rake.

Haitula: Can you reach the pixies with this?

Umbriel: I'll try.

Umbriel: I got them!

Haitula: Let's take them to the other side, quick!

And Umbriel carries the little pixies through the door, and Haitula quickly locks the door.

Aniara arrives while Haitula is examining the pixies.

Haitula: I don't think they are quite dead. I think I can save them with the right potion...

Aniara: Poor little things, they look cold. I'll fetch the laundry basket and some blankets. They must be kept warm.

And warmth and tenderness seem to have effect. The little pixies don't look so dead anymore, almost if they were just sleeping...

Haitula has got his magic book...

Umbriel: Ummm... that looks like German poetry book...

Haitula: For humans it looks like German poetry, but it is really a magic potion book. Elves and fairies can read between the lines. Now I must find the correct recipe for reviving creatures raked out from the River of Tuonela...

Niks and Naks arrive dragging a kettle and a netful of something...

Naks: Did we hear someone talking about recipes? We have just what you need!

Naks starts emtpying frogs and lizards and snakes from the net into the kettle.

Naks: Now this is a real magic troll brew.

Haitula: That is horrible! That kind of potion won't cure anybody, it'll only make them worse! Take that stuff out of here immediately!

Naks: We know when we are not wanted. Niks, let's go and cook these frogs for supper. They'll taste delicious.

Niks: Well, I suppose I'll have to remove the poisonous snakes from the kettle. Should I remove the poison dart frogs, too?

Naks: No, no, those are the best tasting ones, they make the brew nice and spicy. Just remove the poisonous snakes...

Niks and Naks leave with their troll broth ingredients, and Haitula seems to have found the recipe he was looking for.

Umbriel: Did you find what you were looking for?

Haitula: Yes, now I just need a bee to fetch nectar, honey and mead...

Umbriel: Finding bees at this time of year may be difficult.

Haitula: Not necessarily if I summon a magic one...

And Haitula summons a magic bee. But as it is so small, it has to make three trips before it has brought back all the ingredients Haitula needs.

Umbriel: I just can't believe this!

Haitula: You must learn to believe three impossible thing before breakfast.

Haitula: Now I must smear them with the ointment using this woodpecker feather... I hope this works. I have not tried this before...

Will Haitula's potion work?
Will the little pixies come back to life?
What kind on story do they have to tell?

To be continued....

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