Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hairy Story

The little vampires look fully recovered - except for hair...

Tuuli: Pyry, do you think our hair will ever grow back?

Pyry: Don't you like being a skinhead vampire?

Tuuli: No! Haitula, do you have some potion for hair growth?

Haitula: Unfortunately no...

Niks: But we have a solution...

Naks: This fine hair elixir is guaranteed to produce hair anywhere. On you chest. On your head. Anywhere you want.

Haitula: Wait a minute, I bet that stuff grows troll hair.

Niks: But of course. It will grow troll hair even on a billiard ball.

Naks: If you happen to want a hairy billiard ball.

Haitula: And what is it made of? More frogs and poisonous snakes?

Niks: Of course not. Those are not hairy. It is made of hairy spiders

Haitula: Yuck. You are not putting any of this stuff on the poor vampires. I'll put it into a safe place.

Niks: Stupid Haitula. He always ruins our patent medicine business. But we have something else in store...

After a while Niks and Naks return with a cartload of something hairy...

Naks: Here it is! A beautiful selection of the most excellent wigs.

Niks: The best you can find in these parts!

Tuuli: Oooooooh, where did you get these?

Niks: A friend of ours is a hairdresser.

Naks: A troll hairdresser.

Niks: And this guy called Mr. Organizer paid a visit.

Naks: And said that she must clear the loose troll hair out of her shop at least once a year.

Niks: And we helped her.

Naks: And were left with a huge pile of troll hair.

Niks: So we decided to start our own wig business.

Naks: The patent medicine business is not flourishing, you know,

Niks: At least not as long as Haitula is around. He confiscates all our finest potions.

Tuuli and Pyry start trying on the wigs.

Tuuli: This looks rather wild, don't you think?

Pyry: Well, this is troll hair... But I think I'll try something else...

Tuuli: Aaaah... these are so white and fluffy... We look like little angels.

Pyry: Angels with pointed ears. And I don't want to look like an angel. Let's try something else...

Pyry: I think this looks cool. Not too fluffy and not too long. I'll take this one.

Tuuli: And I'll take the black one. I want something more dramatic now that I am a vampire, you know.

Niks: You must pay, then.

Tuuli: But we have nothing.

Naks: Just bring us a frog for supper.

Pyry: I know where we can find a frog. Come, Tuuli.

Soon the vampires return with a frog.

Tuuli: Here's your frog. Treat him kindly.

Niks: We'll cook him very gently... Hey that's a stuffed toy!

Tuuli: We are vegetarians, we don't know anything about cooking animals for supper. I thought they are supposed to be stuffed first...

Naks: Yes, but not with cotton!

Niks: We give up. Keep the stuffed frog. And keep all the wigs too. There was no market for them anyway.

Naks: No. No trolls lack hair.

Niks: Especially if they use the fine elixir Haitula confiscated.

Pyry: If you kiss the frog, he may turn into a prince!

Tuuli: XXXXX

Pyry: Be careful, don't bite him or he will turn into a vampire.

Tuuli: Look! He turned into a prince!

Pyry: He was a frog prince to start with. He was supposed to turn into a human prince.

Tuuli: What would I do with a human prince? He would probably just step on me. Humans are soooo big, you know. You are just jealous because you don't have a toy.

Pyry: But I do! Look, I have an elephant on wheels. And I did not need to kiss him either, he just followed me home.

Tuuli: I bet he did because you are holding the string!

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