Sunday, July 20, 2008

Demon on Devil's Mountain

After Deimos heard that there is a place called Devil's Mountain (Pirunvuori) nearby he absolutely definitely insisted on making a hiking trip there.

Deimos: The way seems to be rather long. It's a good thing I found a toadstool big enough to sit on. I can rest here a little bit.

Finally on top of the Devil's Mountain.

Deimos: Not much of a mountain, I think. The darn ice age has worn it down. The white veins are harder stone than the grey, the white veins look like they are running on top of the grey matter. You should see the lake in the background, just a little bit of water and trees on the opposite shore are visible between the pines.

Demon on the Devil's Mountain

There are little black ants running around, but I could not catch them...


Deimos: Look! There is a warning sign! It must warn about devils and demons on the top of the Devil's Mountain! I'm famous! I have a sign warning about me!

Outsider: Actually that sign is warning skiers about a very steep downhill...

Deimos: There are no skiers here in the summer. In the summer the sign warns about little demons.

The pines don't have branches low enough for Deimos to climb on, so he climbed on a lonely stick that must be the last remnants of a little pine that has died young.

Closeup of my little demon

Deimos: Are you done taking pictures? I want to come down now!

Deimos: The mountain is not quite barren, there are heather and lingonberry and lichen and moss growing here even if there is very little soil.

Here is a tree that has grown its root down a steep slope.

How on earth did Deimos manage to climb there?

Deimos: I'm good at climbing anywhere...

Here is another steep slope. One would not expect to find anything interesting here...

Deimos: I'm seeing something red! I'll climb up and see...

Deimos: Look! A wild strawberry!

Deimos: And it is ripe, too! And I can see some more! These are better than toadstools...

Finally Deimos wanted to examine an ant hill. He wanted to have his picture taken on the low branch just above the ant hill, but could not balance there and the ants did not like it either. After a couple of them had bit Deimos he agreed to sit a bit higher in order not to disturb the ants.

Deimos: I think this is enough for today. We can go home now. I'll ride in the camera bag, you can do all the walking...

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