Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sampo in a tree

Even if it is cloudy today Sampo insisted that it is his turn to go out. It appears that he has not got enough attention lately and really wanted to show off...

When we got to the forest, he found a tree and did all the antics he could think of. It was a good thing that the ground under that little tree was covered with soft grass and moss. Sampo did not fall down, he proved to be quite a little monkey boy or an acrobat.

Sampo: Hello everybody! Did you see everything I did?

To calm him down a bit I made him pick some flowers and pretend to send them as greetings to all his big and little friends all over the world.

Sampo: Are you done photographing?

Sampo: May I throw these stupid flowers away now?

Well, well, well. My little hobbit is as crabby as ever. I think he had a good time, however, though he does not want to admit it.

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