Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Niks and Naks in Duck Park

It is a beautiful day so Niks and Naks insisted it's their turn to go out. As they had threatened to pick pine needles and glue them all over my computer screen we went to the Duck Park - there isn't a single pine there!

There is a fountain in the middle of the pond. (Click the picture to see larger version.)

Two trolls on the fence.

Niks: It is more beautiful when two trolls are in the picture.

Naks: We sure add beauty to any landscape.

View of the fountain from opposite shore - between silver willows. (Click the picture to see larger version.)

And of course Niks and Naks want to add to the beauty of the scene...

Niks: Nice and shady on this side...

Naks: And we are making the scenery twice as beautiful again.

The old silver willows are bending so low that their branches reach water. (Click the picture to see larger version.)

Niks: Take the picture quick before we fall down!

Some flower on the side of the street. These are serving dual purpose: Adding beauty and blocking the cul-de-sac from cars (they are not supposed to drive over pavement).

There is a nice flower box at the entrance of our house.

Nask: Pretty flowers and pretty trolls, right?

And I don't think you have seen how big the begonia on our balcony has grown.

Niks: It is big enough for two little trolls to hide in it?

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