Thursday, July 17, 2008

Umbriel on the balcony

It is a cloudy (but warm) day again, so Umbriel could play on the balcony without fear of getting too much sunshine (and turning yellow).

He wanted to show what the farmer's market looks like on a nice summer day. There are flea market and crafts sellers at the left end and farm produce sellers on the right - lots of fresh berries and vegetables.

Besides doll clothes I have been sewing things for the house, I made patchwork covers for the balcony chairs. The loose covers can be easily thrown into a washing machine when they get dirty (there is plenty of dust and soot and pollen in the city air).

Umbriel is testing the smaller chair. He has noticed that the plaid patch next to his head is the same fabric as Nemo's shirt!

The bigger chair has a similar coverlet.

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