Friday, July 18, 2008

Deimos in the forest

Today Nemo caught one little demon and two trolls. Niks and Naks don't mind being caught, nothing makes these two unhappy. But Deimos does not like being caught, and he struggled until he got free.

After extricating himself from Nemo's grip, Deimos followed me into the forest.

Deimos: Why does everybody have to pose with stupid flowers?

Deimos: Do you really think people like to see pictures of little demons holding flowers? Bah! Humbug!

Deimos: Shall we take this path? No? Upwards? OK.

Deimos: Climbing is hard, I must rest a little.

Deimos: Look, I found a dead leaf to play with!

Deimos: Look, a broken tree. But I did not break it!

Deimos: Honest, I didn't!

Deimos: A little demon sitting on two crossed trees crossing a path, that must mean something... No, I have no idea if it means something good or something bad.

Deimos: No, I did not break these either!

Deimos: This is a pretty big flower, strong enough to carry my weight!

Deimos: Look! An alien life form. I wonder if this flew all the way from New Mexico or outer space...

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