Monday, December 21, 2009

Fomalhaut and Winter Solstice

Today is the Winter Solstice, and as Fomalhaut is the Guardian Of the Winter Solstice, he declared that it was important that he gets to go out around noon to check that the sun is at correct height and everything is proceeding as it should.

Unfortunately it was cloudy, so Fomalhaut could not measure his shadow, but the clouds were thin enough so that he could see where the sun is and ensure that it is at the correct position.

Noon sun at Winter Solstice.

Noon sun at Winter Solstice.

Fomalhaut: Now that I have checked the sun, I can play a little in the snow. It is nice and fluffy, but it's too cold to make a snowman, the snow won't stick together.

Fomalhaut: It's not too deep, but it is good that I borrowed Mr. Spock's boots because Sampo's boots are too low and the tops are too wide, they would be full of snow by now!

Fomalhaut: Hey, here the snow is getting too deep!

Fomalhaut: Can we take this spruce home for the Christmas tree?

Fomalhaut: What do you mean, this is a city park and felling trees is not allowed???

Fomalhaut and Winter Solstice sun.

Winter Solstice sun.

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