Thursday, December 03, 2009

Gingerbread house project IV

Gluing the house parts together with melted sugar is rather messy and the result is somewhat crooked, but Niks and Naks are proud of their finished house.

Niks: This house looks great.

Naks: And it will taste great, too.

Niks: It has one small porch...

Naks: ... and one big porch.

Spock: Fascinating. According to my tricorder this building appears to be made of some kind of cookie dough. And the shape is strange, too. The structure is hexagonal, not rectangular like regular houses.

Spock: The material does not appear to be very weatherproof.

Niks & Naks: Nibble, nibble...

Spock: And it does not appear to be troll proof either. Excuse me, is it logical to keep nibbling at the house corners? It would appear to weaken the structure and make the house susceptible to collapse.

Niks & Naks: Nibble, nibble...

Haitula: Shoo! No nibbling until after Christmas!

Niks: Don't have a cow, man...

Naks: ... we are going already...

Spock: It would seem logical to post a security guard by the house until Christmas, then.

Haitula: I am the security guard.


Haitula: I have a red shirt, haven't I?

Spock: Very well, then. Just make sure that you keep your phaser on stun, not on kill.

Haitula: Aye, aye, sir.

Haitula: I'll stun everybody who will come and try to nibble the house.

Naks: But we still have our sled.

Niks: No security guards around this one.

Naks: We can nibble this all we like.

Niks: I have a better idea.

Niks: Here are the candies that were left over from the decoration. We can put them into the sled.

Naks: Great! We can nibble at the candies.

Niks: And the sled will still be intact.

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