Monday, December 14, 2009

A Frosty Day in December

We haven't seen the sun in weeks, and when there finally was sunny (and cold!) day, Niks and Naks wanted to go out.

Berries are frozen on the bush.

The forest is not very colorful at this time of year.

Niks: But when we are in the picture...

Naks: ... it is always colorful.

Niks: A nice sunny spot, by the way...

Naks: And nice soft snow, too.

Mountain ash berries are also still colorful.

Niks: The lake is starting to freeze.

Naks: This is thick enough for little trolls...

Niks: But I would not recommend this for humans.

Naks: Well, the water is so shallow here that it is frozen all the way to the bottom, so even a human could not fall through.

Niks: At least the lifebuoy is colorful.

Naks: Even if it is frosty.

Niks: The teeter-totter is also frosty and forlorn.

Naks: We have it all for ourselves.

Niks: The slide is ours, too...

Naks: But it is covered with snow...

Niks: If we had skis, this would be perfect for ski-jumping.

Naks: Definitely.

As the lake is not frozen yet, but the air is cold, mist rises from the lake.

Misty lake.

A fish on dry land.


Naks: HELP!

Niks: He's got us!

Niks: The lake is starting to freeze at the shores.

Naks: It's like a thin mirror!

View towards the far shore.

View towards downtown.

The harbor is empty.

Naks: We had fun!

Niks: Even if it was quite cold.

Niks: Have you ever tried to take pictures with woolly gloves on?

Naks: By the way, these pictures were taken between noon and 1 PM though it looks like dawn or sunset!

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