Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Gingerbread house project III

The next state in the gingerbread house project is decorating the parts. It is easier to do before the parts are glued together.

Niks: Here are the walls.

Naks: They look pretty fancy.

Niks: The roof parts look fine, too.

Naks: They definitely do.

By the time all the house parts had been decorated, the tip of the paper cone containing the icing had got rather soaked and stretched so the line produced had become rather thick. As a result the decorations of the small cookies got rather crude, but Niks and Naks did not mind, they thought the taste is the most important part, and sugar icing always tastes as sweet, no matter how it looks.

Niks: Now the small cookies are decorated, too.

Naks: And they will taste very sweet!

Niks: We also made parts that are supposed to fit together to become a sled.

Naks: It was supposed to be Santa's sled, but I think it will be a troll sled.

Niks: We can't take it out, though, it is not weatherproof.

Naks: No problem. We'll just load it full of candy and keep it inside. It will be a good Christmas decoration, too.

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