Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Noon Light

At this time of the year the sun stays very low, only a little above the horizon. That gives an eerie lighting effects on clear days. The sky is very pale blue and the horizon looks rosy all day long, even at noon.

It has been cold and clear for several days in a row, and the lake is now partially frozen. But there is still open water in the middle, and you can still see mist rising from it though the water near the shore is frozen and looks like a mirror.

Rosy horizon and ice like a mirror.

Yes, the water is frozen near the shore, and it looks like a perfect mirror.

It is so beautiful that even Niks and Naks were quiet with awe. That is definitely very rare.

Color pictures appear almost black and white. In the low light the dark green spruces look black and closer to the horizon the sky appears white.

Barren birches are of course black and white by default.

Bushes are thickly covered with frost.

Niks and Naks decided that the pictures need a bit of color and climbed onto the bush.

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