Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Gingerbread house project II

Now the gingerbread dough has be sitting in the fridge overnight and it is hard enough to be rolled to thin sheets.

Niks: We have the molds and a rolling pin...

Naks: And some dough...

Niks & Naks: READY TO ROLL!

Niks: This is how the raw walls look...

Naks; Pretty tall walls, I say...

After quite a bit of time everything has been finally baked.

Niks: Do you think we have enough parts for the house?

Naks: If you followed the instructions accurately, we do.

Niks: Well, if we forgot something we'll just have to improvise.

Naks: We must decorate the parts tomorrow.

Niks: Yes. I'm much to tired to do it today.

Naks: Let's just taste some of the small cookies we made from the surplus dough.

Spock: What are you two doing?

Niks: Tasting the cookies we baked.

Naks: Do you want a gingerbread pig?

Spock: I'm a vegetarian.

Niks: Have a gingerbread spruce, then.

Spock: I suppose it is logical to count a spruce as a vegetable.

Niks: These taste pretty good.

Naks: But we must decorate these, too, tomorrow.

Niks: Yes, then they'll taste even better.

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